Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Announcement One

Dear readers,

We have brought in huge collections of designers inspired items and also overruns batches.
We have received many emails regarding whether they are originals? are they made of genuine leather? Quality? Workmanship and etc.
Here's the answers to all the above :)

Collection 1 / Part one and Part two consist of both designer overruns and inspirations/replicas. Overruns meaning the factory produces the branded shoes and export them to European countries, and we source the leftovers from them. In other words, they are ORIGINAL.

As for the designer inspired items/replicas, they are made of fully imported genuine leather in and out with experienced workmanship. Basically they have no difference from the originals as the quality, workmanship, cutting are 100% similar to the originals.

To our loyal customers,
Don't worry :) We won't be only selling designer items. Will be updating with some products you wish to see real soon!
Stay with us!

Motte Sista

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