Thursday, May 5, 2011

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  1. Las botas de piel de oveja / cuña
    Código del artículo: AMSA2A538-8
    Tamaño: 35-39
    Tacones: Súper Alta
    Disponible en Negro, Marrón y Rojo
    RM 95

  2. Hi Natalia,
    Are you interested on buying this "The Shearling Boots/Wedge" ?
    If yes, please send your order to and stated your sizing and colour please.

    For international customer, payment via PAYPAL and customer need to bear with the transaction fees as well, and the shipping cost from Malaysia to Spanish.

    Do let us know, and if you're interested in bulk purchase, please do email us.


    Have a nice day!

  3. hi

    Is the Vintage Framed 2 Way Bag still open for pre order?

  4. Hi Anonymous-Gem,

    Yes, Still open for pre-order.
    Please do send in your order to us.


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